WOERO - Instant Ragnarok Online PVP / WOE Server:

Unlimited Items, Safe Refiner, Instant Level / Job, Guild Locations, PVP 24 / 7 / 365, Balanced PVP Mechanic, Tons of WoE features, Cute headgears, Without donations, Stable since 2012, Spectators, Proxy System, DDoS Protected, Without Lags, Equal conditions for all, Smooth game-play, Everyday WoE 26+4, Powerful guilds, Powerful players, Headgear Enchanter, WEB PVP / WOE Ranks, Restock System, Show Party Buffs, Awesome FPS performance at WOE

WOERO in few words:

Tournament Features
There is no PVE part. Only PVP / WoE. You don't need to grind items, or kill monsters. You can get all items and create your build instantly from the NPC for free for all. No limits.
Balanced Mechanic
We are have two separate game mechanics: for WoE and for PVP. All known exploits are already fixed. We are have server-side delays against cheaters and abusers. WOERO is balanced.
Unlimited Battles
WOE Everyday from 21:00 to 23:00 by servertime, daily castle rotation. Without castle drop. Guild Capacity 26+4. Spectators for watching WoE. 24 / 7 / 365 PVP with ranks and awesome features.