Start PVP or WoE 5 minutes after the registration. Instant Ragnarok Online server-type. Since 2012
WOERO 2.0 - will be released soon.

Server Status: ONLINE

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Our Story

WOERO the oldest existing private server on the Ragnarok Online market in the realm of instant PVP and WoE. We have been online for almost 10 years without donations.

Our server contributed to woe, as you see it on many servers that copied our developments. We created this format of WoE, experimented with @commands, and opportunities for players, with proxy servers for reducing lags, with protection against DDoS attacks, with icons for skills, with modifying party-list window, with modifications of effects hide, and so on.

The WOERO 2.0 with a new wave of modifications coming soon...

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This is not a classic Ragnarok online server. You do not need to level up the character and kill mobs for items, everything is available from the NPC

Just create a character, get a job from NPC, take the necessary items for free from NPC, and then you are ready for battle.

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Job Manager

Instant 99\70 any class. You can switch job, reset stats, skills, get cart, falco, peco.

Guild Location

Each large guild can get its own dedicated guild location with all the necessary NPCs for training.


You have infinite Zeny, which you can spend on the purchase of any items or healing potions.


We have created a great variety of commands and modifications for your convenience during the War of Emperium.

Our Features

We have created or popularized a lot of modifications in all Ragnarok online World. Here are a few of them.