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    Instant PVP Arena enabled for WOERO 2021

    Hi. A lot of changes came along with 2021 on the WOERO server. Old game clients WILL NOT work. You need to download the new game client. The changes affected the game client and server. The server is located in Europe with minimal delays. Download game client: WOE Ragnarok Online links for...
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    July 03, 2020 - woero update.

    Enabled PVP Mechanics by default. WoE season finished for WoERO. Host in USA with good latency over the world. Re-uploaded game clients. Applied several changes to the game server.
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    My RO couldn't launch once I press START GAME button. Please help.

    run opensetup.exe or setup.exe -> click on "reg" tab, select your graphic adapter (last in the list, not directx one), select resolution -> apply -> ok. Try again to run game client.
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    Download links are off-line

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    The game server works fine.

    The game server works fine.
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    Feb 07, 2020 - changes

    Short: fixed couple of old issues on the woero fixed some problems with forum couple of changes with the client
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    Help me pls!! thank you

    FEX.NET or
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    Run patcher. Fixed
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    16 August 2019 changelog

    - moved the game server to EU host - enabled PVP mechanic - fixed MVP Arena ranking, and so on. - Added modern palettes, styles, pets, and so on (check Stylist) - fixed minor problems and bugs.
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    15 June 2019 - changelog

    WOERO sub-server located in EU (one from two (one in EU one in the US)) has been terminated. Our main game-server with WoE mechanic now in the USA. Run Patcher. Many minor website related changes.
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    Let's start!

    Let's start!
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    Is Clown nerfed or is a bug?

    These things can't be fixed, because I do not remember where I saved the fix for this. tl;dr: some cheater used it to crash players in the game via emotions. I turned it off a long time ago. What about sit - this against the very powerful bug.
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    Is Clown nerfed or is a bug?

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    Is Clown nerfed or is a bug?

    Hi, I'm sorry that you are got confused because of me. There are too many changes in WOERO, and I work not only with this server, but with a lot of other code, and it is very hard for me to remember all changes everywhere. Especially when the server history is over 7-8 years. Yes, indeed, on...