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    [27.07.2014] - WoE Discussion

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    dota 2 too gud
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    [20.07.2014] - nitroboy-1437
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    20.07.2014 - WoE discussion
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    [29.06.2014] - Nitroboy 1437
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    20.07.2014 - WoE discussion

    :kawaii: such jokes
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    DEAD (RIP) 1437 ♥ I Love You Forever
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    [29.06.2014] - Nitroboy 1437

    Latest Video:
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    22.06.2014 - WoE Discussion

    Theres a job opening at taco bell for you guru are you in?
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    Titan war 15/06/2k14

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    15.06.2014 - Who will join?

    First of all there wasn't a question I was stating facts that actually happened you wouldn't recall that because you cry in every RO forums . Stop acting all good we all know last week your sniper for cyzone was a joke profs dispelled you with or without titan I also had my eyes closed of how...
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    15.06.2014 - Who will join?

    Dry those tears Zinnia :qqbiaoqing04: . Clearly the sand isn't cleansed off your vagina yet, probably because all of those predictions I made in xRO forums were accurate
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    Bug Report Topic!

    @autorefresh won't work inside and outside castle , I'm guessing it only works for WoE?