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  1. Flame

    Download links are off-line

    Three links are in the download section but two are off-line and the the Russian one is suspicious. It's an .exe program, not a .zip file.
  2. Flame

    Forgot my password and I don't find a tool for that

    Hi there. I forgot my password and I don't find any tool anywhere how I can set it up again. I would create another one but my acc is full of characters and equipments that took time to create. Can anyone help me with that, please? Thank you a lot!
  3. Flame

    Looking for a guild (en/pt/br)

    Hi, there. I'm looking for a guild. I really want to play in this server. My main class is Creator DD, but I play with any class. Thank you! E aí, galera. Estou procurando por uma guild. Eu realmente quero jogar nesse server. Minha main class é Creator DD, mas eu jogo com qualquer classe. Valeu!
  4. Flame

    Pet food and bonus

    Hi. Wll Ripened Strawberry is not available in Shop Manager NPC. It is Miyabi Doll pet food. Can you add it please? By the way, is pet bonus on? How can we use it? Thank you!
  5. Flame

    Rejected from server

    Hi Last post about it was in 2013 and I maybe the server is been attacked again. How to fix it? Thank you!
  6. Flame

    Bio Cannibalize doesn't work on PVP Arena

    Is it a bug? Please answer. This was reported in 2017 and had no answer. Thanks!