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    Instant PVP Arena enabled for WOERO 2021

    Hi. A lot of changes came along with 2021 on the WOERO server. Old game clients WILL NOT work. You need to download the new game client. The changes affected the game client and server. The server is located in Europe with minimal delays. Download game client: WOE Ragnarok Online links for...
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    July 03, 2020 - woero update.

    Enabled PVP Mechanics by default. WoE season finished for WoERO. Host in USA with good latency over the world. Re-uploaded game clients. Applied several changes to the game server.
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    Feb 07, 2020 - changes

    Short: fixed couple of old issues on the woero fixed some problems with forum couple of changes with the client
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    16 August 2019 changelog

    - moved the game server to EU host - enabled PVP mechanic - fixed MVP Arena ranking, and so on. - Added modern palettes, styles, pets, and so on (check Stylist) - fixed minor problems and bugs.
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    15 June 2019 - changelog

    WOERO sub-server located in EU (one from two (one in EU one in the US)) has been terminated. Our main game-server with WoE mechanic now in the USA. Run Patcher. Many minor website related changes.
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    WoE 06 April 2019, and 07 April 2019

    Hi guys, this week I'm offline. I feel super bad. I think I will be hospitalized or I dunno yet. The game server re-configured to work without me this week. So you can do WoE and everyone can join WoE. Saturday WoE: - 06.04.2019 - 17:00 - 19:00 (London Time) - Castle Cyr - 5 Entrances - Access...
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    Sunday - 31 March 2019 (complex WoE)

    Guild Time start / end (by server time) Castle Your rules
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    23 March 2019 - Who will join?

    Guild Cap Time start/end (in london timezone) Castle Any suggestions? WoE Rules Who will join? Day: Saturday (23 March 2019)
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    WoE 24 March 2019 - skipped (private session)

    No public registrations, just skip this WoE if you do not know about it and you're not a part of a group of people who organized this private WoE about what they asked me. Private session, a few guild leaders asked to make private WoE for this Sunday some time ago, and here we go. All rules on...
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    WOE server moved back to EU to the `idle mode`

    Okay, regarding this: 05 January 2018 - Who will join? (Saturday) 06 January 2018 - Who will join? (Sunday) Because nobody came to WOE, I decide to move back host to EU. When you will need WOE, and many guilds will join, just make topic 5-7 days before WoE on the forum: Who Will Join? | WOERO -...
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    06 January 2018 - Who will join? (Sunday)

    guild cap castle time start / time end
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    05 January 2018 - Who will join? (saturday)

    guild cap castle time start / time end
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    30 December 2018 - Who will join?

    Guild Castle Cap Time start / time End Optional suggestions My proprosition: Castle: Cyr Cap: 24 Time: 17-19 (london) Host USA (but with SEA region optimized latency) none
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    EU latency optimized host

    Changelog: host moved to EU location with optimized latency.
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    Solution: How force Ragnarok Online run on laptop with nvidia card instead of intel one.

    If your setup.exe or opensetup.exe does not see your discrete graphics card (Nvidia) and you see only integrated graphics card (Intel) on your laptop, you can manually force to use Nvidia Graphics card instead of Intel via several tricks and tips. This guide will be useful for different gamers...
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    30 August 2018 - extra changes

    Changelog: We have two different mechanics on the WOERO for a long time (for around 6 years already). And manually switch it depends on the events (if no WoE - turned on PVP Mechanic). PVP Mechanic is very different from WOE mechanic one. So, I decided to set up on the same server totally...
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    PVP and WoE servers end of summer 2018

    WoE server: woe mechanic everything ready for woe organization questions in PM in Discord. Ready and works fine in the USA, but as a temporary solution PVP Server: stays the same in Europe PVP players must run patcher to get an update select a PVP server in the service selection menu when...
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    Current server status: 26 June 2018

    Changelog: The game server is online. Everything works fine. WOE Season not started, because nothing is ready. But if you wish to play woe you can play. Host located in Europe. Fixed tons of problems which were cause that downtime. Now the server works perfectly fast and fine. Thank you for...
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    23 March 2018 - EU host, changelog

    Related to: Changelog: USA host is dead with all guilds and woe season. Viva long-term EU host and PVP mechanic by default fixed many issues, typos, problems with the forum, site, server, patcher, client, support new host located in Germany. PVP mechanic (fixed cast time for asura, extra...
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    Temporary closed EU server. USA one online

    EU server is closed because of provider fuckup. Since April we will move woero to EU. Until the end of the March you can try to participate at WoE on the USA host, then woero host temporary will be switched to EU as to backup host due to the issues with the current one. Summary: woero is...