06 feb 2016 WOE

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Register my guilds FOR WOE / Guild House

Put them all in 1 guild house

Main Guilds:
1- Summer16 (22 Players)
2- Views (22 Players)

MBK Guilds:
3- Winter (2 Players)
4- Preview (2 Players)

pm me on Skype

Baguette > french guild will bring 22+2 player too

WOE Time 1400-1600 London (9AM EST)

Attendance: 22+2 Per Guild

Castle: Horn

-Enable MBK to work on "friendly" guild/party target
-Reduce TIMER "Emergency Call" "Battle Orders" to 3 minutes
-Party Size -Unlimited (nobody have time to make friend list for 3 guild)
-Enable Gospel (We don't use it but why waste a skill)
-Enable all songs for Clown and Gypsy (Again FUCK OFF)
-No Access to spectators or "unregistered" WOE Guilds (FUCK OFF)

-No Sandwich unless guild is "wiping"
-No GRFs (titan grfs)

Recruiting 100 people for Saturday WOEs

Anyone wanna play just send me PM - test the host - enjoy some sandwich pinoy chilean free WOE
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2 guilds - Summer16 and Views (20 and 20) ready
3rd guild - Baguette ready
4th guild - Still recruiting

Saturday WOE 1400 - 1600 London Time


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maybe some russians will be at saturday woe, dunno yet, i just was talk with their gm.


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7 _ f box

these guilds have access to their guild locations & to the castle.
If i've miss someone, it's your fail. I'm going to sleep, and i do not care what will be happened at woe.
(all must be ok). If someone very shy, and can't even tell me in this topic about his guild, and request for guild location and castle access -> it's your faults, not mine. I've prepare all before woe, and all guilds who care about woe already contactet to me, and got all what they need for woe.

Are you no worries? Why am i must worry about you, and your organization skillz?
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