[22.10.2017] Project Maintenance Complete

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  • no mechanic changes, or any changes related to the emulator
  • changed technical things of the server to make sure that the server will keep running for at least next year without critical issues and problems (but sometimes with lags)

About Donations:
  • Are you wish to have modern last and up to date protection at the server against any cheats?
  • Are you wish to play at Europe / USA server without any lags?
  • Are you wish more detailed ranks?
  • Are you wish to see the much better quality of "anything" around WOERO?
  • Are you wish to see really many players playing WOERO?
JUST DONATE and help to the WOERO, and we will return much more in the back!
Donation links you can see at right pane of the server.
Not open for further replies.