23 March 2018 - EU host, changelog

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since April we will have host located in EU, and current USA one will be dead forever.
  • USA host is dead with all guilds and woe season. Viva long-term EU host and PVP mechanic by default
  • fixed many issues, typos, problems with the forum, site, server, patcher, client, support
  • new host located in Germany. PVP mechanic (fixed cast time for asura, extra changes) enabled by default
  • cleaned game clients, mess with information, files, support things
  • Please do not ask me to host any WOE for you or your friends, I'm tired of you, and it's enough for me to jump over hosts for no reason, if you are a guild and looking for a woe, find another server. I will stick with PVP part and PVP players at least by WOE 3.0 will ready.
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