30 August 2018 - extra changes

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We have two different mechanics on the WOERO for a long time (for around 6 years already).
And manually switch it depends on the events (if no WoE - turned on PVP Mechanic).
PVP Mechanic is very different from WOE mechanic one.

So, I decided to set up on the same server totally separate emulator with WOE mechanic.
It will allow players to prepare everything for a WOE, prepare character builds, etc.
Also, prepared everything for WOE for 02 September 2018.

On Sunday will be enabled Server just for Sunday WoE server in LA.
And database will be taken FROM EU WOE Server with all of your changes.

Also, guild locations, access to a castle, etc configured.
Also, rewritten castle access. Since the update nobody with less than 15 online active players not able to enter the castle.
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