About WOERO Server in few words

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Information about WOERO
(actual for 2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020)

[Basic Information]
  • Without PVM part (there are no monsters or quests at all)
  • Only PVP / WoE features.
  • Two separate classic pre-renewal mechanics: for WOE, and with restrictions for PVP
  • Maximum Level 99/70
  • Instant Level / Job from NPC
  • ~90% of guilds died what played here since 2012, and woero still work fine:)
  • Our official opening date was at 28 February 2012
[About Items]
  • There aren't any godlike or overpowered items. Mostly all of them are classic.
  • Around 400+ headgear's without stats, just to be cute.
  • Consumable items have a very low weight.
  • BG KVM equipment doesn't work at WOE
  • All items you can take in an unlimited amount from NPC for free
  • We have none donation items
[Service Features]
  • Safe refine for all items +7 for gears and +10 for weapons
  • 100% Custom Headgear items enchant system/armor enchant
  • Enable / Disable extended food buffs/spirit from the healer
  • You will get FCP / Foods / Spirit from healer at WOE time
  • Free resetter, unlimited job changer, stylist, different settings for your character
[WOE and PVP Features]
  • Very optimized game-client for smooth game-play with no FPS lags.
  • Spectators Guild (for people who like to watch WOE and not play (just make novice 1 lvl / 1 job)
  • Home-made floating skill delays (but not adelays) against NDL shit
  • Dynamic gameplay mechanic, at WOE we have the classic set of rules, at PVP custom.
  • Set of commands optimized for game-play (restock, spb, noeffect, autorefresh, sj, etc, check @commands)
[About WOE]
  • Daily WOE, from 21:00 to 23:00 (server-time @time when you in-game)
  • Daily castle rotation system & Rank Reset
  • Max Guild Capacity 26+4
  • RCX / autopots / clickers allowed.
[About PVP]
  • Custom PVP Mechanic
  • Nerfed Asura Strike & Soul Link Spirit for Assasin Cross
  • Month Rank Reset
  • Different extended Ranks
  • Healer / Buffs out the box
[Custom Features]
  • WOERO is a father of all custom shit what you see at many p2w crappy servers.
  • Mostly ALL custom shit (source changes, commands, npcs, features, etc) developed at WOERO plagiarized and copy-pasted from WOERO to crappy p2w server, and these retarded GM's declare that they made these features, while it's not, they lie. different p2w servers (restock, spb, noeffect, smooth client, resolution fixes, client-fixes, proxy-systems, different locations, exploit fixes, custom harddelays (hello adelays)), and many, many other shit and sprites, and features. So, when you see someone saying about something "unique" on their server, try to check on WOERO first if we have it or not, and then you can throw shit to retarded gms on such servers which think they're professionals and super cool guys, while it's not and never was. (The goal of this paragraph just to explain to you, that all what you see ANYWHERE in RO community developed, grew, and popularized form WOERO, and shitty GM's instead of saying "thank you", they STEAL foreign work and declare it as it's theirs, while it's not and never was).
[Admin Contacts]
[Account Registration]
_M _F after your login name.
We have none control panel for registration.

[About Hosting and Lags]
  • website: USA
  • game-hosting: USA
  • Paid annually. Have fun of unlimited pvp / woe whole 2020-2021
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