About WOERO Server in few words

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Information about WOERO
(actual for 2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,🚑🚑2020, 2021)

[Basic Information]
  • Without the PVM part (there are no monsters or quests at all)
  • Only PVP / WoE features.
  • Two separate classic pre-renewal mechanics: for WOE, and with restrictions for PVP
  • Maximum Level 99/70
  • Instant Level / Job from NPC
  • ~90% of guilds died what played here since 2012, and woero still work fine:)
  • Our official opening date was at 28 February 2012
[About Items]
  • There aren't any godlike or overpowered items. Mostly all of them are classic.
  • Around 400+ headgear's without stats, just to be cute.
  • Consumable items have a very low weight.
  • BG KVM equipment doesn't work at WOE
  • All items you can take in an unlimited amount from NPC for free
  • We have no donation items
[Service Features]
  • Safe refine for all items +7 for gears and +10 for weapons
  • 100% Custom Headgear items enchant system/armor enchant
  • Enable / Disable extended food buffs/spirit from the healer
  • You will get FCP / Foods / Spirit from healer at WOE time
  • Free resetter, unlimited job changer, stylist, different settings for your character
[WOE and PVP Features]
  • Very optimized game-client for smooth game-play with no FPS lags.
  • Spectators Guild (for people who like to watch WOE and not play (just make novice 1 lvl / 1 job)
  • Home-made floating skill delays (but not adelays) against NDL shit
  • Dynamic gameplay mechanic, at WOE we have the classic set of rules, at PVP custom.
  • Set of commands optimized for game-play (restock, spb, noeffect, autorefresh, sj, etc, check @commands)
[About WOE]
  • Daily WOE, from 21:00 to 23:00 (server-time @time when you in-game)
  • Daily castle rotation system & Rank Reset
  • Max Guild Capacity 26+4
  • RCX / autopots / clickers allowed.
[About PVP]
  • Custom PVP Mechanic
  • Nerfed Asura Strike & Soul Link Spirit for Assasin Cross
  • Month Rank Reset
  • Different extended Ranks
  • Healer / Buffs out the box

[Admin Contacts]
[Account Registration]
_M _F after your login name.
We have no control panel for registration.

[About Hosting and Lags]
  • website: USA
  • game-hosting: USA
  • Paid annually. Have fun of unlimited pvp / woe whole 2020-2021
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