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This topic only for report about bugs with current status what fixed, what nope.
This list you can easy increase and watch when it will be fixed, by reporting about problems inside this topic.

  • Custom status icons from (bragi/service etc spells) not display. (run the patcher) Fixed.
  • Acid Demonstration Skill: - still possible to see bottles. [mao]
  • Cell No Stack bug. (till good times)
  • Ranks & PvP Arena must be rewrited (working bad!) 20.12.2013
  • Missed Ranker Board [x 96, y 91] 20.12.2013
  • BG Announces
  • First Aid Skill not learned. [ChangeJob Again]
  • Random Gravity (do not have crash-logs yet) [check this items in game if you have crash, re-download client from our website then]
    Duneyrr Helm
    bRo 4th anniversary
    whikebine balck cat ears
    Flying Evil Wing
    Nekomimi Kafra Headband
    crown of Deceit
    execucioner head
    Poring Hat
    Classic Hat
    Karnival Joker Jester
    Helm of Dragon
    Aria Bone Head
  • Hair Style's only 30 increased to 80 for girls, and 68 for boys. run patcher. [16-12-2013]
  • @noask when WoE start. [16-12-2013]
  • Acid demonstration position bug by @noeffect [mao] confirmed. (waiting restart) 20.12.2013
  • Broken interface image (tab_cmd_01) [18.12.2013] 20.12.2013
  • Devotion buff status icon
  • Mind Breaker Brightly icon
  • Slowgrace status icon [already aviable]
  • spectator problem (imposible to cast on ground spells where specator are) 20.12.2013
  • chat window spam at main town 20.12.2013
  • KVM gears do not equiped at Guild locations 20.12.2013
  • Europe proxy
  • Thanatos & Nidhoggr's Shadow at MVP Arena must be removed. 20.12.2013

Share information about another problems/bugs in game.
Please add screenshots and write detailed information how to repeat bug.
If you have client crash, copy all data from the Error Window and paste link for pastebin.com

Bug report example:
Problem name: can't move after dialogue with NPC
How to repeat?: talk with Mann select in Reset Menu "Not";
Extra info:(screenshots/links/text): none.

P.S. Do not flood inside this topic.



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admin said:
  • Acid Demonstration Skill: - still possible to see bottles.
Whats a problem here? You cant see throwing bottles with disabled /effect.
They showed up by client as special animation of AD casting fact, not skill use fact. I mean, its drawn when you recieve packet about cast time and so on (and not show up at all if creo has 150 dex, because of no cast time packet), not packet with damage.

Problem name: standing in 1 cell with others
How to repeat?: below
Extra info:(screenshots/links/text): link


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Только сейчас посмотрел видео с прошедшего ГВ и увидел Страшное. Сам команду не использовал, поэтому о проблемах узнал только сейчас.

Problem name: a lot of position bugs because of @noeffect
How to repeat?: enable noeffect, use acid demonstration (or any damage skill affected by @noeffect) on moving character
Extra info:(screenshots/links/text): because @noeffect removes packet with damage data, no damage animation appeared, so here is absolutely no VISIBLE stop rate anymore. You will see what enemy character keep moving, like you dont use skill at all, while on server-side this character stopped by damage. Same shit happens when you recieve damage with enagled @noeffect, your character keep moving on client side while its stopped on server-side after being damaged (ro natively doesnt have any character position auto-synchronization features).
How to fix: remove packets with damage data from filter
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