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Hi, I'd love to join your guild. Tried making a topic on your forum but it wouldnt let me because i dont have an account. That said I'll just do it here following the template some guy loving JL did D=.

Main character(s) (ign/class) PROVIDE A SCREENSHOT:

The job I have the most experience in woe is Soul Linker. But I can very well do any job needed.

Location/Time Zone:

Texas / Mountain time UTC-7
Post your endgame gear:

bg set... marc/ed armor, noxious garment switch raydric, green ferus boots, gloves with zerom switch with smokie, cecil carded weapon, I love china, nightmare card on glasses, horn carded shield switch thara... i guess thats it from the top of my head i dont think im missing anything.

What is the role of your class in SE?

The usual support role have my team fully linked and try and save whoever is in a sticky situation aka front line.

Will you ever miss WoE(Saturday only) If so, why and how often?

Dont think I will. If I ever do Ill notify whoever I need to.

What previous guilds, servers, and IGNs have you played under?

I have played with Pepes Mercy on various hispanic servers. My IGN is always Alexman. Servers I wouldnt remember their names.

Offer some sort of reference:

I played with Pepes Mercy for probably 3 years or so until it got disbanded. We still talk now and then but they dont play Ragnarok anymore. I didnt record any of videos so you wont see me actually playing there.

Thanks for reading

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