Solution: How force Ragnarok Online run on laptop with nvidia card instead of intel one.

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If your setup.exe or opensetup.exe does not see your discrete graphics card (Nvidia) and you see only integrated graphics card (Intel) on your laptop, you can manually force to use Nvidia Graphics card instead of Intel via several tricks and tips. This guide will be useful for different gamers with laptops which can't feel normal smooth gameplay because of Intel graphics card limitation.

Before we start, let me explain the next things:
  1. Ragnarok Online is super old game wrote on DirectX <= 8 version in 2001 or 2002
  2. Nvidia has Nvidia Optimus solution for laptops (for dual graphics)
  3. Nvidia since GTX 7** (driver version around 320) dropped support for old games older than DirectX 9 support, then dropped for rest cards as well too and forced to use your integrated graphics adapter instead of discrete powerful graphics.
  4. That means you're not able to select your Nvidia graphics card in the setup.exe or opensetup.exe, how it looks like on the screenshot below:

So, if you can't select your Nvidia graphics card in setup.exe or opensetup.exe, how will you make know your operating system which graphics processor to use for hardware acceleration for the Ragnarok Online? You can't. It will results in the next what you will see below:

Nvidia is idle while RO client is working. All job do Intel. Which is NOT okay.

Few words about the Solution!

But here is a trick, which allows forcing to use Nvidia graphics card and Nvidia Optimus for Ragnarok Online on new and modern Graphics Cards on Windows 10 / Windows 7

Several things what you need to know about Nvidia Optimus:
  1. intel graphics card will be still used for displaying content rendered on Nvidia Graphis card, and intel card is ALWAYS used for displaying your content to display.
  2. That means - minimize usage of Intel graphics cards after applying the solution for forcing to run Ragnarok online on Nvidia Graphics card for avoiding any lags or problems
  3. RCX will NOT work, gepard shield too, many other tools too. Ask GM's on servers where you're playing to manually authorize these DLL's below in archives to make them work with your server. But these dll's perfectly fine works right now with WOERO (tested, also you can test too)
  4. Many tools which somehow related to work with DirectX developed for RO - will not work properly, or will not work at all.
  5. Some bugs and glitches can happen
  6. Also, this trick allows using Ragnarok Online on high dpi screens (4k displays for example)
  7. Also, because of using newer version of directX, a lot of problems with scaling text and interface will be really fixed.

Here what you need to do for forcing Ragnarok Online launching on your Nvidia Graphics card instead of Intel

First of all, you must do it at your own risk. I am not responsible for anything that could lead to any consequences if you use this guide. Please do everything at your own risk.

1. Download these libs and copy-paste all of them to your RO folder. Only RO folder, nowhere else.

Just extract all files in the archive to your RO folder.

2. Now, Run your Ragnarok online and close it. Go to Nvidia Panel, and select your opensetup.exe or setup.exe and your Ragnarok exe and forced to use Nvidia Graphics Card instead of Integrated one.

3. Go to your game folder (make sure that you closed your RO game window) and run: dgVoodooCpl.exe and do like on the screenshot below:

4. Now, just run your setup.exe or opensetup.exe and you will see your Nvidia Graphics Adapter

5. Run your RO, and play. You will see that Nvidia Graphics Adapter now used for your Ragnarok Online client.

If you see something like below (d3d init error)

That means something wrong with resolution or settings in opensetup and in devoodoo

Explain, how is it works?

Used a tool which transforms unsupported DirectX <= 8 calls to supported by Nvidia DirectX 10 or even 11, Nvidia start to see the game client and processing all graphics. That's it. Details you can find here: dgVoodoo2
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