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WOE Ragnarok Online links for downloads

Discussion in 'Downloads' started by admin, Mar 15, 2013.

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    1) What is "WOERO"?
    If you still not got what is WOERO. Let me illustrate it via just single picture.
    WOERO - 1 map world, where only most important NPCs. No mobs, no leveling, hunting.
    Grab the required stuff from an NPCs and go to the Battle. You need around 5 minutes to get any of classic job (PRE-RE), complete equipment build, take consumables and you are ready.


    2.) How to start playing?
    1. Download
    2. Install
    3. Configure
    4. Run WOERO Patcher.exe
    5. Create Account / Login
    6. Play

    First of all, depends on your needs, download full game client from links below, and install it somewhere on your PC. Please DOES NOT install it to system folders like Program Files, or Windows.

    WOERO Full Game Client Links (recommend):
    Client Ver: 2017-12-05

    If you previously played on another Ragnarok Online server and you still have a game client, you can download our "lite" client, and then in the folder copy-paste your data.grf and the BGM folder.

    WOERO Lite Game Client Links (see notes below):
    Client Ver: 2017-12-05

    Note: This is the lite game client, after installing this client require that you will manually copy-paste your data.grf AND BGM folder to the game client. Only then you can play.

    3.) How make a game account, where is registration?

    For security reasons, we do not have any registration page.
    For creating an account you must use built-in the game client registration.


    Where _SEX:
    • mytestacc_M - will create male (boy) account.
    • mytestacc_F - will create female (girl) account.
    Then, without any _F or _M, you can log in to the game and play. Your account will be created.

    4.) I have a problem "XXX", how to solve it?

    If you have a small resolution, you must run SMALL_RESOLUTION_FIX.cmd file in the game folder.
    Then will be opened opesetup.exe where on REG tab you need to select your video adapter and proper resolution. This is a most common problem, because of the very old game and client.


    Everything else you can easy to fix with few minutes in google.

    5.) Extra Useful Stuff
    Use it for your own Risk. We do not allow it to use. And with WOERO 2.0 all of this stuff will be blocked.

    6.) Administrator Contacts
    • You can always write PM message here at the forum.
    • Or you can leave your message at the Discord Channel
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    23 March 2018 Update
    For people who have problems after installing the game client and can't find woero.exe or patcher or something else, because of no idea (antivirus, damaged files, etc) just download the archive by link below:

    Inside archive: woero.exe, woero patcher.exe, woero.grf, cps.dll, dininput.ini, dininput.dll, rcx. Use it only, if you have problems after installing a game client y links in the first post above.

    Archive password: 12345
    The files in zip format, to make sure that antivirus will not react to them.
    Just download, extract to the game folder and play.

    For people who have problems with resolution issues, or can't change screen resolution open:
    dininput.ini and change

    Override RO window position and size.

    Ignored if WindowWidth or WindowHeight 0.
    Command line switch: -wX,Y,Width,Height
    1024 and 768 to 0 if you wish set resolution VIA opensetup.exe, or set your resolution (for example 1920 and 1080) if you wish to have the RO client at full screen.

    For people who have UHD monitors or modern graphic cards:
    1. RO is very old game. Mostly all actual graphic adapters and drivers drop support for old DirectX and other important technologies for a new mess of games. As result, you will get a lot of problems because of that
    2. Our game client is 2010 years old (8 years old), the game client knows nothing about actual or new technologies
    3. If you see your graphic adapter in opensetup, that means only the graphic adapter can be used to play, do not worry, it is okay.
    4. For laptop users: you can't enable Nvidia graphic adapter because of Nvidia Optimus, they drop support in 2012 or 2013 for setting adapter for RO. Just play via your integrated GPU it's okay for RO. But if you have HDMI / VGA cable, you able to force-enable your Nvidia graphic adapter via turning on your remote TV/monitor via that cable and running RO at the same time.
    5. DO NOT MIX different RO clients at the same folder
    6. The game client tested on much different hardware and just works fine
    7. Some Brazil / South Americans for some reason have DEP setting touched (while the setting should stay default) at Windows. Just back it to default and RO will work fine.
    8. For anything else ask someone at forum or me via opening a discussion
    9. Use google if not found solution.
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