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1) What is "WOERO"?
If you still have not got what is WOERO. Let me illustrate it via just a single picture.
WOERO - 1 map world, where only the most important NPCs. No mobs, no leveling, hunting.
Grab the required stuff from NPCs and go to the Battle. You need around 5 minutes to get any of the classic job (PRE-RE), complete the equipment build, take consumables, and you are ready.


2.) How to play?
  1. Download
  2. Install
  3. Configure
  4. Run WOERO Patcher.exe
  5. Create Account / Login
  6. Play

First, depends on your needs, download the full game client from the links below, and install it somewhere on your PC.
Please DO NOT install it to system folders like Program Files or Windows.

WOERO Full Game Client Links (recommend):
Client Ver: 2021-06-05

3.) How make a game account, where is registration?

For security reasons, woero does not have a registration page.
For creating an account, you must use the built-in game client registration feature. It's easier than web registration.


The gif above demonstrates how to do it.
Just try to login with login/pass but add _F or _M suffix to the login name. This suffix tells the game server to register a new account.

Where _SEX:
  • mytestacc_M - will create a male (boy) account.
  • mytestacc_F - will create a female (girl) account.
Then, with no _F or _M, you can log in to the game and play. It will create your account.

4.) I have a problem, "XXX," how to solve it?

If you have a small resolution, you must run the SMALL_RESOLUTION_FIX.cmd file in the game folder.
Then, open opesetup.exe, where on the REG tab you need to select your video adapter and proper resolution. This is the most common problem because of the ancient game and client.


Everything else you can easy to fix with few minutes on google.

5.) Extra Useful Stuff
Use it for your own Risk. We do not allow it to use. And with WOERO reborn, it will block all of this stuff.

6.) Administrator Contacts
  • You can always write a PM message here at the forum.
  • I deleted the discord channel because this is a place for spreading invites to different RO servers.
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