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Okay dear friends. 22:00 by Moscow time it's bad time for other guilds time. Why? Because at this current moment most of the countryes have winter time (-1 hour); But in Russia still summer time. This timezone will make guilds dissapoint in future (except Russians ofcourse);

My idea: Let's try to using London time; And find a best value of starting & Ending WoE by London Timezone.

WoE can be started by half, by minutes.
So if someone wants to start WoE at 18:30 and make woe finish at 20:30 by London time, Why not?)

The main sense of this topic next:

  1. Need to change current WoE starting time.
  2. Time must be based on London GMT;
  3. All guild masters must find a best value for themself.

Thank you.


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18:00-20:00 (current woe time) or earlier.
We can check attendance for 19:00-21:00, but its 23:00-01:00 for most of us, and 01-03am for some players. So dont be surprised if we just skip woe because of no players.


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I would like WOE were starting early.. For me it's from 12 pm-2 am, how can i play there, if i have to wake up at 7 am for a job? Some part of Russian players at east from Moscow in the same situation..


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И не позже .
Я ебал ложиться в 2 ночи.
Максимум на сколько сдвинуть это на час вперед


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22-00 GMT+4 is fine for western europe. No kids play woero so everyone can be here from 19 to 21.


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Hey, if there is no Russian Guild, can you change the schedules = 1 hour later that the usual ?
If you change, the WoE will be at :
20h-22h for EUROPE / 14h-16h USA
More people could WoE and new guilds could come.
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