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Hey, bro, I have a problem: the earth scroll doesn't work. Make it work or retire from npc, please. But put your focus on make it work <3
I have a bolter sinX and i want him a magical killer.
Anwser me please :D
hi . i cant create an account . its saying incorrect user id or password even tho i followed the steps of mytestacc_M or mytestacc_F please help. do i need to type the same thing for the password or different one ? ive done everything . please help
how to create an account tho ? and what is the password for mytestacc_M and mytestacc_F ?
gm please need help i cannot log in it says unregistered account where should i register?? different account from this page and game account or the same??
[string 'buf']:48: attempt to index field ' ?' ( a nil value )

Now play, champ nickname "LookandLearn" Use same emotions and get crashed. 10 error. And disconnect. So Now in server only he. Fix pls! (Standart emotions dont work now, but he still use that bug"
I don't think that is possible to use emotions at all. They are totally disabled for all. But if I am wrong, please create screenshot when you will get the error again, and I will investigate into the issue.